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ISR370-SHEET inspection sheeting stacker

  • ISR370-SHEET
  • Denchern


Sheeter inspection machine is drive by servo system , its possible to combined with inspection system, recieving and stacking sheet label automaticly, taking out defect label automaticly. 

Its suitable for adhesive paper, PVC, PE and PP etc.

Model ISR370-SHEET
Max. Web Width 370mm
Max. Machine Speed 200m/min
Inspection Cutting Speed 300times/min
Inspection Cutting Accuracy ± 0.15mm
Max. Unwind dia. 800mm
Max. Rewind dia. 800mm
Voltage AC 380V.50HZ
Dimension(L*M*H) 6000mm*1250mm*1350mm
Air Source 0.8Mpa
Power 10KW
Weight 1800kg
Rewind Inner Core Size 1-6inch(standard in 3 inch)
Thickness Of Material 60um-300um

adhesive paper, PVC, PE and PP etc.

inspection system

Inspection System

Inspection items: missing labels, dirty points, color difference, leak impression, scratches, deviation etc.


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